Life coach. Motivational speaker.

Welcome to Success and Confidence

Lily Stojcevska is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and a Wellbeing Life Coach helping women and men to empower themselves, shine the light and live the dream that they were born to live.

Lily helps people to overcome their limiting beliefs and negative emotions in order to be the best version of themselves.


Lily's wellbeing programs help people build a healthy work-life balance, reach their full potential and achieve their dreams. She also provides public speaking for small groups, events and corporations on self-empowerment and motivation.




One on One 

Lily helps people to release the anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt and anxiety which may be having a negative effect on their lives. Lily’s programs help women and men empower themselves to shine the light and live the dream they were born to live. 


Lily helps parents to facilitate children’s independence.


She assists families to manage their time and create more time for themselves.

Corporate and Small Business

Lily works as a consultant to small businesses and corporations with team building and improving customer relations. She designs and facilitates corporate and business wellbeing programs to assist staff to reflect on their values and develop strategies to improve their work-life balance.


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“Lily Stojcevska is amazing. She guided me through her programs with care and ease. Thank you, Lily, for teaching me I can do it. With your programs now I have skills I am using in other areas of my life.”



“Lily Stojcevska has inspired me. I always wanted to have a business, but never thought I could do it. Now I am my own boss, I set my own agenda.”



“Thanks to Lily I am now more confident and my children are benefiting from my empowerment.”



“Lily is gentle in her approach. She has great commitment, enthusiasm and passion, and her program on goal setting and breaking things down has helped me. I am more positive and reclaiming my spirit again.”



“I enjoy Lily’s positive outlook on life. My mindset has shifted from Lily’s program ‘Unpacking.’ Lily is an inspiration.”


“With Lily's help and guidance my Finance and Mortgage broking business has grown tremendously. Since working with Lily my client base has tripled and settlement volumes have increased by 471%. Her well designed programs have enabled me to smoothly and efficiently manage and increase business capacity and growth. On a personal note I have found Lily to be an inspiring individual with an infectious positive attitude. I recommend Lily highly.”

Belinda Caesar
CEO BCFinance



“Our business iBuyWeSell AB has grown from Australia into Sweden and Macedonia, after Lily worked with our team and staff, initially implementing the fun, relaxing, Workplace Wellbeing Program. We have enjoyed her positive easy to implement skills training that has contributed to a healthy and productive workplace.”
Bob Illievski
CEO and Founder at iBuyWeSell AB